Saturday, February 23, 2008


Hello my darling doodles!
This is a recipe taken from our last place of residence, Japan! This is a good easy place to start if you want to experiment with Japanese food. Here's what you need:
Salmon fillet
Cooked short gain rice
Quality green tea leaves
Soy sauce

Salt your salmon generously. Let it hang out for a half hour or so before popping it under the broiler. Broil 5 minutes-ish or until nice and cooked. In the meantime, warm your rice and start boiling that tea. When warm, spoon your rice into a bowl and top with the salmon. Add a pinch of ginger to the tea before pouring it over the fish. Top with a bit of wasabi and some soy sauce. The end! By the way, I served this with a cucumber and tomato salad made with: rice vinegar, sugar, sesame oil and ginger. I think a tart side dish goes really well with this kind of sweet main dish. Oh, and I almost forgot! Today I planted: chamomile, mine, more basil, dill and lavender. Gardening, here I come!

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Lauren said...

I saw these and thought of you. You should try making them in your knitting circle!: