Thursday, January 3, 2013

Hot diggity, it's a brand new year!

Hello, 2013! I've been waiting for you! 2012 was full of huge, challenging changes- a new job, a divorce, getting my own place.  2012 marked the first time I've felt truly independent, and the first time I've ever lived alone. That brought about a whole bunch of other firsts- learning to change a tire, setting up my utilities, cooking for one. Starting more or less from scratch has sometimes been hard, but has always been rewarding. I enter 2013 renewed and excited for the opportunity to get reacquainted with myself. As is my tradition, I have LOTS of new year resolutions for the next twelve months!

1. Write more. Good news, this includes resuscitating this blog! 
2. Finish the things I start. Especially books and craft projects.
3. Learn to say "no". My dance card overfloweth. It's time to stop overbooking my already packed schedule.
4. Be a tourist in my own town. That means lots of museum visits, shows, parks, and day trips.
5. Take time to give thanks. Man, I've got it good. In fact, I've got it great! I will make an effort to remind myself daily just how lucky I am.

Oh, and a bonus resolution- keep my car and closet clean. Here's hoping!

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