Monday, August 31, 2009

This week's menu!

This week I'll be trying something a little different.  I'm posting my weekly menu and updating daily with recipes.  Here's this week's menu, tonight's dinner should be posted later this evening.  Hope you enjoy!  

Monday-Whole baked chicken, mashed sweet potatoes, cucumber salad and balsamic strawberries

Tuesday-Chinese chicken salad, egg drop soup and sweet bean paste manju

Wednesday-Marinated tofu, white rice, miso soup, and Japanese pickled daikon

Thursday-Quick chicken pot pie and cakey cookies

Friday-Soba noodles, miso soup and salad 


adrienne said...

Oh lady, I just found this blog. I love it! I didn't realize you cook so much Japanese food. I have a great cookbook my mom bought while we were stationed in Okinawa, but I really only crack it open when I want to have a good read, I haven't made anything other than sushi rice from it.

Holly said...

Welcome! I'm glad you like el bloggo! I love Japanese food. Eating is how I spent much of our year over there!